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About The Dicey Dungeon, and the Dice Master

Dive into The Dicey Dungeon for interactive RPG jewelry, cute wearable loot, and lots of "dicey" jewelry and accessories. All of the Dungeon's loot is handcrafted by Dice Master Mallory, the forever DM, artist, and an obsessive dice goblin. Need to stock up on Potions of Healing? Does your party's spellcaster need an Arcane Focus, or a stash of spell scrolls? Steer your next adventure toward The Dicey Dungeon to find all these and much more.

My name is Mallory, and I’m the owner and Dice Master of The Dicey Dungeon. Originally from Alaska, I began experimenting with dice craft while attending college in Ohio. After I started DMing an extended campaign with some school friends, my love of the dice has grown until dice craft became my favorite hobby. I've always been fascinated with storytelling, and I'm captivated by the element of randomness created by dice in tabletop role playing games.


Among other artistic hobbies, I continue to pursue dice craft because I enjoy the process of creating. Each item holds its own story for me about where I found my materials, the level of my skill when the item was crafted, the challenges of various techniques, and why I chose and accomplished each design. Because of this, all items listed for sale in the Dungeon are unique. The Dungeon does not produce its loot on an assembly line. Each dicey treasure is crafted with care and interest. These items are listed for sale primarily because I want to share them with others, and the prices are set with a mind of recuperating some of what I’ve invested into the hobby.


I had been practicing dice craft for almost a year before I finally took the step of opening an Etsy shop and selling my creations online. By then I had created well over a hundred dicey accessories which included necklaces, earrings, keychains, and bracelets. While I was able to sell some of my stock from Superfly Comics in Yellow Springs (where I also bought the vast majority of my dice), I finally heeded the advice of my friends and took the next step.


The Dicey Dungeon online opened in March of 2019. My online inventory grew rapidly over the next several months as my college graduation neared and work on my senior capstone project intensified. Practicing art has always been a method of stress relief for me, so I put nearly as much work into my dice craft in those months as I did into my school work. I wore my favorite set of Gemini D10 earrings, D20 necklace, and D12 bracelet to my graduation in June.

Since graduating I’ve continued to enjoy my dicey hobby, running the Etsy shop, and being a part of the RPG community. I still love to play D&D with my friends and siblings, and I don’t plan to quit anytime soon.

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