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  • Can I purchase wholesale products?
    TDD gained a new WHOLESALE shop section as of September, 2021! This section offers an assortment of wholesale priced keychains, earrings, and more. If you're interested in buying merchandise not already listed in the shop's Wholesale section, please contact me directly. For more details about wholesale purchase options, including rates and minimum purchase requirements, please send me a message to inquire. I'm nothing if not prolific when it comes to my craft work, so I almost always have a surplus of inventory behind the scenes.
  • Can I make custom and personalized orders?
    If you are interested in seeking a custom or personalized order, please send me a direct message inquire. Alterations to established listings are usually doable, as is the creation of new items made with dice and other materials that the Dungeon already has in stock, or which are easily acquired. Buyers are welcome to ship their dice to The Dicey Dungeon for custom work. Looking for a specific spell scroll or potion that you don't see listed? I'm happy to create customized scrolls and potions. Just send me a message to inquire!
  • Do you do gift wrapping and packaging?
    The Dicey Dungeon is happy to offer giftwrapping! Items can be wrapped with colorful organza bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, and washi tape. Buyers can include a message to the recipient with their gift, and it will be included on card stock.
  • What role playing game do you base your cosplay items on?
    Cosplay items in The Dicey Dungeon, such as potion jewelry and spell scrolls, are generally based on 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Each cosplay item's listing description usually includes the item's features and effects as though it were something that your character could use in-game. That description is included on a printed card when you buy one of these items from The Dicey Dungeon. I generally base my cosplay items on D&D 5E because that's the game I have the most personal experience with, but you can easily adapt/modify the in-game mechanics of a cosplay item to suit your needs if you have a preference for other RPG's.
  • Are jewelry metals in the Dungeon nickel-free?
    Yes! All metals in The Dicey Dungeon are lead-free and nickel-free. If you have a sensitivity to other base metals (such as iron, brass, ect) and need chain or ear wires swapped out, then send me a message! I have sterling silver, stainless steel, surgical steel, and titanium ear wires available for an additional charge. Stainless steel or gold plated jewelry chains are also available.
  • Does TDD carry clip-on earrings?
    Yes! I do have nickel-free clip-ons available. Just send me a message, and I can easily switch out the fishhook or threader findings for clip-on earrings.
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