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Potion of Poison (uncommon)
When applied to weapons, this Potion of Poison deals 1d4 poison damage upon a successful hit to the target. The person who drinks this potion takes 1d4 poison damage, and must succeed on a Constitution DC 13 saving throw or be Poisoned. 


The potion bottles on these pendants hang from 1.5" of chain below the D4's. Not including the potion, these necklaces are adjustable up to 19". They're meant to be worn with the D4's close to the neck, while the potion dangles lower. 


Is your character a rogue? An assassin? Always be prepared and keep a poison vial close! 


These D4 potion necklaces are the next evolution of what first began as a design experiment. Drilling into the corners of the dice can be dangerous. It takes practice, patience, and and a VERY steady hand. Drilling into THREE corners of the same die therefore, is not an easy or practical design, especially with corners as sharp as those on a D4. The first of the D4 pendants that I created seemed interesting at a glance, but was the new design really worth the trouble? 


I tried on the first pendant, a marble blue D4, and I loved it so much that I couldn't bear to sell it. I kept it for myself, and all the praise I received while wearing it convinced me that the design was worth replicating. Each of these pendants are an act of very careful creation, and I believe they're worth the extra effort. Over time these D4 necklaces evolved into first Potions of Healing, Potions of Poison, and several more.


**NOTE: This item is not a real "potion". Please do not attempt to actually drink what is inside the bottles. The description above refers to the RPG mechanics of this item for use as a prop in gaming and cosplay. This necklace is meant to be used as a necklace only.


Handmade by the DM of The Dicey Dungeon

1D4 Potion of Poison

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