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Potion of Dream Flitting
(potion, rare)
The sentient creature which drinks this potion will fall into a deep, unwakeable sleep for one hour. During this sleep, the potion drinker's projected consciousness can fly on quick fairy-like wings through the subconscious of up to two other sentient creatures who are also asleep. While inside the subconscious of another creature, the potion drinker can participate in that creature's dreams to give them strong visions of the drinker's choosing.

This potion has no effect on non-sentient creatures. 


**NOTE: This item is not a real "potion". Please do not attempt to actually drink what is inside the bottle. The description above refers to the RPG mechanics of this item for use as a prop in gaming and cosplay. This necklace is meant to be used as a necklace only. 


Jewelry Description: This necklace features a gorgeous Cosmic Blue/gold D4. The upper left and right corners of the D4 are framed with solid brass components shaped like butterfly or fairy wings. A teardrop-shaped potion bottle hangs 1.5in (about 4cm) from the bottom point of the D4, and contains a mix of blue glitter. 

The length of this necklace (not including the potion bottle) is adjustable between 17-19in (about 43-49cm). This necklace design is meant to be worn with the D4 close to the throat, while the potion dangles lower. The necklace chain and clasp are gold-plated brass, and the extender chain which makes the necklace length adjustable is stainless steel. All metals on this item are nickel-free.


These D4 potion necklaces have become my signature design for The Dicey Dungeon. Drilling into the corners of any dice can be dangerous. It takes practice, patience, and and a very steady hand. Drilling into three corners of the same die therefore, is not easy or practical, especially with corners as sharp as those on a D4. Many dice jewelry artists will avoid working with D4's entirely if they can help it. Each of these D4 necklaces that I create are a showcase of my personal skill and dedication to the craft. 


Handcrafted by the DM of The Dicey Dungeon

Potion of Flitting Dreams

  • Adjustable, 17-19 inches

  • Gold-Plated Brass

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