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This charm bracelet features a set of seven 10mm polyhedral dice charms, including: a D20, a D12, a D00, a D10, a D8, a D6, and a D4. The drill work for these dice required extra patience and care, as the eye-screws have been drilled into the points for five out of the seven dice. Drilling into the points of any dice is extremely tricky, but especially so with dice so small! 


The mini-dice on this bracelet are Marble Black. Arrayed between the seven dice charms is an assortment of twelve other charms for the D&D rogue character class. These include two daggers and the arrow for weapons; the ring of keys, lock, eye, and lanturn for sneaking and traps; the moon, the mask, and the cat for stealth in dark places; the skull for sneak attacks; the treasure chest for loot. 


The chain of this bracelet is lightweight gunmetal colored aluminum. The clasp, rings, and extender chain of this bracelet are stainless steel. The length of this bracelet is adjustable from 7.25-9 inches (18.5-23cm). All metals on this item are nickel free. 


Handcrafted by the DM of The Dicey Dungeon

ROGUE Charm Bracelet

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