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You've heard rumors of the wondrous treasures found in the Dicey Dungeon- fine jewelry, spells, and potions to aid you on your next adventure. As you approach, the darkness fills you with uncertainty. 

Do you dare scroll down to continue?

Or will you simply click the menu?

Dungeon Path 1

Excellent choice. 

This should be fun!

Sign Right.png

Could this be the treasure you seek?

A mimic! You barely escape in time!


You discover a large, ornate chamber  lined with glass display cases. Inside each case is a beautiful piece of glimmering jewelry. These pieces look new. You're on the right track!

Great Hall of
Featured Products

Skull Door.png
Eye Door.png
Dice Door.png

Three doors leave the Great Hall. Which one do you take?

Dungeon Path 2

Hey, what's a dungeon without a skeleton or two?

The skeleton comes to life! Fortunately, he seems pretty chill.

Shhhhh! Don't wake the aberration.

Go back go back go back go back go back go back!

You enter another large chamber. You recognize several implements used for divination- bones, tea leaves, dice- and on a large table in the center of the room, a scrying orb. This should make your search easy! Do you use it, or continue on?

Divination Chamber

Orb Table.png
Orb Glow New.gif

Looking for something specific? 

Look into the orb and search for your heart's desire!

(Great for Finding Things)

Dungeon Path 3

Tread carefully!

Goblins love their traps.

Luckily, they're not very good at them.

Plus, they're easily distracted.


(For Custom Orders and Whatnot)

Jewelry Smith

You smell smoke from a forge and hear the clang of a metal hammer. As you enter the workshop, you see brightly-colored gems and chains gilded with precious metals. The Jewelry Smith is hard at work, muttering something while looking for the perfect gem. Would you like to place a custom order?

Dungeon Path 4.png

Keep going! You've almost made it to Dice Master Mallory's chamber.

Interested in a dragon's horde of dice jewelry? Check out our wholesale options!

Sleeping Dragon

You finally arrive in Dice Master Mallory's chamber, and... she isn't there!

But you do find some clues as to where she might be...

Dice Master's 

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